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our process: interior painting in ct

Interior painting is an important aspect of the decoration of any home. The process is one that involves the painting and decoration of the interior of the home. The appearance of your home is highly dependent on the quality of the interior painting and getting the right professional for the job is paramount to the success of a decent looking house.

The main purpose of painting the interior of the house is to make it look aesthetically appealing but there are other factors to consider as important. Interior painting protects the inside of your house from damage from such elements as water, moths, mold as well as insects.

our house painting procedure

For interior painting in Connecticut, the following are the processes that the painters observe:

The first process will always be the preparation of the painting utensils and materials as well as the walls to be painted on. The floor also needs to be covered so that it does not get paint on it. Move all the furniture in the room to the center of the room and cover them with painter’s canvas that protects them. Place a piece of this canvas below the wall or the walls that you are going to be painting and ensure that all your painting equipment stays on the canvas and not on the bare floors.

Place some tape on the edges of the interior

Painting in a straight line could prove to be quite the challenge especially in the case where you are a first timer and have no expertise in painting. In this case, it would be better if you placed painter’s tape on the edges of any moldings and fixtures on your walls. Be careful not to press too hard on the tape as only a gentle amount of pressure is sufficient to make it stick.

Combine your paint and primer for your interior work

It is important that you mix your primer and paint well before you start using them. Mix them thoroughly with a mixing stick in order to avoid uneven distribution of pigments in the primer and the paint. It will create a smooth finish on the walls. Take caution to never shake the cans containing paint because this will inadvertently cause the dry paint chips to mix with the actual paint and when this is applied to the wall, disaster.


Wall preparation

Take time to prepare your walls before you start painting them. A smoother wall will, effectively, result in a smoother paint surface. Deal with all the imperfections on your wall before you start painting. You could seal all the cracks and patch all the holes in the requisite ways. You could, also sand patch the more coarse walls to make them smooth. The priming process As you pour the primer into the can, make sure you do not fill it up too much till the ridges have


primer interior painting home ct

An inch of primer before the paint would do. To avoid the use of several trays, you could make use of some cheap tray liner. Remember to place the container with the primer on the tarp just like all other materials with paint. This will make sure the primer stays off the floors. Note that primer is only used in walls that are made from fresh drywall or bare wood.

While you apply the primer, start off from the edges. Try to make the lines that you paint with as straight and as smooth as possible. Paint starting with small sections all along the edges and take your time. If you rush you could damage the entire wall. Ensure you paint in a straight line. To even out the primer you may have to paint the initial layer several times. Start with about 4 inches of the outer layer with the primer in order to make the priming of the inner wall much easier. You will also require painting the higher edges of your wall and for this, you will require using a steeple ladder. Make sure the steeple ladder that you employ is sturdy and does not shake so that your paintwork is as perfect as possible. All this is to be done using a paintbrush. 

Nest you begin using a roller. Cover your roller with a thick layer of primer but make sure that the primer does not drip as you pick up the roller. If it is possible, ditch the ladder and use a roller that has an extension. It will make your task considerably easier and it is much safer this way. 

Apply the primer in a huge W shape and the use smoother up and down motions to fill out the areas outside the W. continue painting like this till that area is filled then move on to another area and repeat the process again several times till the wall is covered in primer.

Leave the primer to dry completely. A day should be enough before it is safe to start applying the paint.


Applying the paint to the interior of your home 

Just as with the primer, place about two inches or one inch of paint on your tray. You do not need too much. Start with the edges and with a paintbrush that is well coated with the paint but not dripping with paint. Begin the painting with the edges of the walls and make the lines as straight and as even as humanly possible. If you cannot paint in a straight line, you can always apply the painter’s tape. Line all the edges and ensure that they are well covered. 

Once the edges are painted, the rest of the wall follows. Dip your roller in the paint but ensure it is not dripping and paint in the same motions you used to paint the primer. Overlap the edges that are painted. Ensure the roller is evenly covered in paint but it should never be dripping. 

Lastly, give your paint sufficient time to dry after painting it. It will require that you do not move the furniture or allow children or pets into the room for at least one day for the paint to dry up properly and evenly.

Conclusion: interior house painting in ct

When interior painting in Connecticut, make sure you choose the best brands of paints and primers to make sure your walls get the best treatment possible. Place some finish on your paint so it has a sheen. It will give it a good look.

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