Need professional power washing in ct?

Looking for quality power washing in CT? MarinhoLLC is a painting contractor in Connecticut with the experience to give your house a cosmetic redo. Furthermore, as painters in CT – we will get your home ready for the springtime.

Power washing starts with water and a few cleaning products. While thee may be some mold and other things on the exterior paint of your home – our bleach products are likely to remove them.

power washing CT

Why should you power-wash your home?

Powerwashing your home can have many benefits. First and foremost, it is always recommended before you add primer or any paint onto your home. Power washing uses bleach products to kill any bacteria or mold growing within your home.

The most successful house painting contractors in CT recommend to their clients a power washing before painting your home. Power-washing is a common practice throughout the industry before house painting professionals work on your home.

MarinhoLLC uses top of the line equipment when power washing your home. All of our equipment is owned and licensed by our business. So you as the customer don’t have to face any legal issues you may have working with a painting contractor.

getting started: power-wash your home in Ct

Looking to get started on your new power-washing project? Get started by contacting us for a free estimate to see what we can do. We always ensure the best job is being done in your home. When we pressure wash a home in CT, we always leave a lasting impression on you and your neighbors.

Our power-washing process leaves everyone impressed. We recommend checking out our FAQ to see if there are any answers that you may not have had answered. Have a little passion for working in your own home? Reference our blog posts – you may find something that interests you in there.