The Ultimate Guide To Painting Your Home In 2018

how to DIY paint your home in 2018

Many homeowners don’t like to paint their homes simply because of its labor intensive. In many cases, many American homeowners may just not have time to paint their own homes.

This really is a misfortune because painting your home is not a difficult task. It just takes some preparation to do so, and some diligence when working on the project.

At Marino LLC, we always looking at painting your own home as an option. House painting contractors are not only expensive, but they also will never know exactly what you want out of your own home.

That’s why today, we created this guide on “ order Finpecia uk how to DIY paint your own home in 2018“. In this guide, we will be covering interior painting, exterior painting, and just overall best practices when painting your home yourself.

The beginners guide to painting your own home in 2018

why this DIY house painting guide

Before we begin we must understand that when you’re painting your own home you’re judging that you will do a good job. Many times, when small families paint their homes themselves they simply just don’t follow some simple rules.

It’s for this reason that many people spend thousands of dollars hiring house painting contractors to do the work for them. House painting contractors can range from $1,000-$5,000 depending on the scope of work you provide the house painting contractor.

It is increasingly important to know how to do small labor-intensive activities such as this if you want to save the hard-earned dollars your family brings in. As  enter site Connecticut House Painterswe realized how much work we get for such small projects that anyone can realistically complete. In a sense, we felt that we should provide some type of education to the people who are purchasing from us.

House painting contractors generally wouldn’t do this simply because it would cost them some revenue. Every home painting contractor would like more work, why would they want you to know how to paint your home?

So without further ado, let’s jump right into how you can make your home look beautiful without spending an arm and a leg on home remodelers, house painting contractors, and other types of painters.

1. pressure washing your home before painting

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The exterior of your home needs to be clean before you do anything. That’s why we recommend that you start by pressure washing the exterior of your home.

This is a service that contractors charge up to $1,000 to complete but you can do it just as easily as they could.

Places like Home Depot, Lowes, or even some retailers like Wal-Mart – will even allow you to rent powerful pressure-washers that will get your home looking back into shape.

The goal of the pressure washing is to get rid of common household dirt and dust residue that may be affecting the health of your exterior. Then again, you can completely ignore this section if you are just painting the interior of your home.

watch this pressure-washing video

Pressure washing your home will allow you to prep for the main course – painting. Not sure which pressure washer to rent? Here is a guide that may help you decide:

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This guide should help you in deciding which pressure washing machine will be best for your home in 2018.

repair any damaged surfaces in your home

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This may seem like an obvious one but the last thing you want to do is to paint over some rough edges. Whether that may be in the interior of your home and even the exterior it is crucially important that you trim your siding or your interior walls down.

Have you ever seen those really ugly paint bumps on a wall? It kind of looks like popcorn ceiling but on the exterior of your home. That is exactly what you’re trying to avoid when you take on your DIY house painting process.

You can do things like sand down any bumpy exteriors or interiors before you move onto the priming stage for your home. In the priming stage, you will lay a small coat of primer onto your home making it extremely easy for your to cover the top with paint. In a sense, the primer for your home painting project will provide you with protection and coverage for your home.

For places like Seattle, where weather conditions may vary, it is important to have strong primer on your home and you can’t do that without taking care of your rough edges first.

apply primer directly to where you’re painting

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Whats the best way to apply primer onto drywall? If you followed the steps before, you should now have a drywall that is smooth and clear of any edges or rough patchy bumps that will ultimately kill your painting project.

Primer is a must-have add-on before you do your house painting, the reason being is because it protects your drywall and leaves a clean overlay of paint on your home.

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After completing a dry-wall project it is imperative that you apply at least one coat of primer. Because when you start painting, you will need at least two coats of paint then. Overall making your project close to perfection

Once you’ve added the primer, we can now look at painting your home.

4. applying paint on your home

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Now that all is said and done it is time to apply paint. Paint onto your home should be layered with two coats. It is also imperative that you cover any doors, windows, or other materials that you wouldn’t want to get covered in paint.

You can use things like a tack cloth rag to quickly and easily cover up some of your materials. We also recommend using safety goggles and other things to protect against your breathing as painting may have harmful chemicals involved in them.

Dip your paintbrush more and take it slow when you’re doing this project. Many times, inexperienced painters will put too much paint on the brush. This leaves you exposed to the possibility of creating these terrible little things called, paint drips.

Paint drips are when there is too much paint on the exterior of your home and it starts to drip down the side of the home. This will eventually dry up and leave your home looking way worse then it should of.

So instead of falling victim into the paint drippings, simply just put a little amount of paint onto your paint brush and then go slow. You may think that you’re saving time by putting more paint on it, but you’re not. Putting on too much paint on your paintbrush will force you to correct small errors that you would have never had to have fixed in the first place.

refer to this video when painting your home


in conclusion to diy house painting

In conclusion, if you’re looking to save money on your house painting project – refer to this article. It will give you a good sense as to what to do even if you’re an amateur. Here at MarinhoLLC we are certified house painting contractors in Connecticut with a range of experience in exterior painting, interior painting, gutter cleaning, deck staining, power washing, commercial painting services, and many other services in the greater Connecticut area.

We are committed to the homeowner’s success when doing any type of home renovation. We recommend that you contact us in the case of needing any work done to your home. Have a question? See if your question has been answered by checking our FAQ

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