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Painters in CT is family owned business with over 2 decades of experience. With our services ranging from interior painting, exterior painting, house cleaning, commercial painting and more – we pride ourselves knowing we’re the experts.

If there is one thing we understand, it is your home. It is crucially important that you get quality work for an affordable rate. Painters in CT ensures that your home is worked with to perfection. We ensure that we take our time with our client’s projects because we know it will be something we can show off.

Founded in 2001, Painters in CT was founded by a young couple that finished trade school together. After doing odd jobs such as house cleaning and deck painting, the couple decided that it was time to do something bigger. Shortly after the couple went ahead and starting a joint company, Painters In CT, and eventually they started to do bigger home painting projects and started a company. The couple now is located in Southington, CT and serves the greater portion of Hartford & Connecticut with services that cannot be price matched.

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