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Welcome to Painters In CT, Connecticut’s most affordable & professional painting service. Throughout the years we have helped thousands of homeowners save money without sacrificing quality. Our professional staff can handle residential and commercial painting services such as interior painting, exterior painting, pressure washing, deck painting & much more. Contact us today for a free quote on what it would take to get your home up touched up or redone. Here at painters in CT we ensure that your home has curb appeal so you can keep up with the Jones’s.

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Our House Painting Services


Interior Painting

Want to keep your home looking clean inside? Some of the other ways to enhance your homes livelihood inside can be extremely expensive, such as kitchen remodeling. An interior paining can do the job much faster at an 8th of the rate. Contact us today to get a confidential quote with the price guaranteed.


Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is extremely important for looks and protection. Allow a pro to handle the exterior of your home. We provide multiple layers of paint on your home to ensure you’re getting the best deal around. Not only do we cover material costs, we provide a complimentary pressure washing service for your home.

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Commercial Painting

Yes, we work with commercial buildings as well. Get started today to contact us for your commercial painting project. Painters in CT is a licensed company with insured contractors to work on your commercial building. We follow a simple process to painting a commercial building that we can easily follow in a safe manner. 


Deck Painting

In Connecticut, we get the beautiful 4 seasons, but it is not until the summer time until we actually have some fun with our families. Decks and patios are easy for us to paint simply because we love doing them as a company. Being a customer of Painters in CT, you get to enjoy the best price possible when it comes to painting your home.

All of our commercial painting projects have contracts laid out to ensure you get the best deal in the state of Connecticut.

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